Company Mission


  Our mission is to provide our customers with a level of quality products that exceeds their expectations. We accomplish this by           being genuinely concerned about our customers needs. We are motivated to achieve the impossible and to serve our customers       with the best care. Our focus is continuously supplying according our customers according their demands.

A Special Level of Care


Due to many years of experience while working in China, we know exactly the bottle necks which can occure when you purchase from a long distance, in China. With our expertise, knowledge and understanding of the European standards and quality expectations, we are able to supply you and at the same time astonish you with our overall performance. Having a qualified lead auditor to guard the quality and an experienced team to support you, we believe we are able to do that extra step that is required. Just try us out and amaze yourself.

Based on your demands, we supply.

We supply metal parts, manufactured in China according your drawings. Aluminum, Steel, Stainless steel and other materials are used to manufacture your products. Besides that we can supply special fasteners. Since our CEO is originally from the HVAC industry we also supply insulation material for ductwork and pre-insulated ductwork (see for more information the product page).

Below some of the products we have manufactured and supplied into the European as well as Asian market. In our factories we are able to handle all processes (according ISO9001) required to manufacture the products you are looking for. Besides the manufacturing we work closely with our coating partners to achieve the surface treatment you may require. In our own warehouse we will submit a final quality check before products will be shipped out to avoid any quality issues

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